About Me

Paul Kaerger

My name is Paul Kaerger and I turn good managers into great leaders

Why do I do what I do?

I come from a background of IT and project management so, to some, the idea of me delivering leadership training may seem a strange career path. However, all of those experiences, with my many different managers and the different organisational cultures, have shaped my beliefs in the need for structured development to be provided for all managers.

The anti-role model

There was a point in my career where I was getting bored of the technical side of IT and wanted to lead a team. I was starting to think about how I behaved and reacted and I started to analyse my manager’s leadership performance …. it wasn’t good. Unfortunately, he had a habit of sucking joy and enthusiasm out of any given situation and it created a team that fought him at every opportunity. But it provided me with an anti-role model – when I did start to lead a team, I thought about his approach and thought “How would XXX react” and made sure I didn’t do that.

The good role model

Then I moved to a new company. It was called FI Group at the time and they helped form me in a much more positive way. They had a structured programme for team leaders and managers and that opened my eyes to behaviour models, self-assessment tools, coaching principles and all manner of good things. I also had a fabulous role model, a lady who, even now, I would walk over hot coals for. She pushed me but in a way in which I always knew she had my back if anything went wrong. She inspired me to achieve more.

All these experiences fired my interest and I asked questions, sought feedback and read more. I began to realise how we respond to certain situations, what happens in the brain, how we can manage those reactions and how empathy and emotional intelligence are the founding stones of good leadership.

So here I am, self-employed, seeking out like-minded people to deliver my structured training to … it is less a business and more a campaign to raise the bar in terms of how we train our managers. It is what sparks me up, it is what I am passionate about, it is why I do what I do.

If that sounds good to me, please do get in touch and let’s see how we can work together to turn yiour managers into great leaders.

What do I do?

I help managers and leaders perform better.

I design training that helps managers develop their leadership skills. I do this by focussing on boosting their Emotional Intelligence which has been proven to be fundamental to great leadership.

Course content and structure is based on your needs. I work with you to identify behaviours you want to see in your managers and agree the indicators you will use to measure how successful the training has been.

I am an accredited trainer having passed my AIM Awards Level 3 qualification in Teaching and Education. This gives you confidence that I work hard at designing and delivering high quality leadership training.

I save businesses money too

According to a recent article in HR Review “research has shown that the UK does not measure up to its international competitors when it comes to management skills”. This shortfall is impacting productivity, customer satisfaction and costs jobs.

What is really startling is that, on average, replacing a member of staff costs about £30,000. This includes recruitment and re-training costs but, vitally, it also includes the impact of low productivity. So, every time someone hands in their notice, you can wave goodbye to another £30,000 … and roughly half of the reasons why people leave is that they don’t like their manager or don’t like the culture within the organisations.

Danger signs that your organisations’ leadership needs strengthening

I identify leadership and management weaknesses within your business or charity I and help you correct the problem. The sort of problems you might be experiencing are:

  • A lack of clarity of purpose across the organisation … people pulling in different directions or having their own agendas
  • Failing to make change stick
  • Losing too many staff or too many people off work with sickness
  • Failing to inspire and motivate your workforce … failing to allow their full potential to show.

If you are suffering from these sort of problems, give me a call, my details are just below.

Contact Me

My ideal clients are forward thinking, open-minded and in need of something different to help them grow. If this sounds like you then please do get in touch and let’s see how we can work together.