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In 2015, I met Shaun Sutton and we started chatting about his business and the challenges he was facing. Shaun felt that he could benefit from my input, so we started a series of coaching sessions to help him identify areas to improve upon. This is his view of our working relationship.


Reasons for enlisting the services of Paul Kaerger

Our company has steadily grown almost entirely through referral and natural growth, partly by choice, partly through apprehension of losing control through cashflow and too rapid expansion. We had reached a plateau and needed professional guidance in which direction to progress and how to get there. We had heard of Paul’s services through a mutual business acquaintance whilst seeking funding for expansion.


Working with Paul

We had an informal meeting with Paul initially to discuss our history, our current situation and our aims for the future. Paul gathered all of our details and prompted several ideas and areas for consideration. Paul involved both directors and key operational staff in firstly establishing both our business and personal aspirations and realistic timescales. From here, Paul helped us to break down our strengths, successful relationships, where we wanted to be and most importantly balancing our business growth alongside our lifestyle aims.

Paul formulated six structured meetings to focus on:

  • Work / life balance
  • Short, medium and long term goals for the business and lifestyle
  • Costings / turnover and margins to equate working hours to our goals
  • Marketing within our budget
  • Maximising existing client sales and opportunities
  • Reviewing and monitoring our progress


The Result…

Paul has provided an invaluable and professional service that has helped us to re focus and prioritise our time and skills to make the most effective use of our resources.

Working with Paul over the past year has been both enlightening and a pleasure. Always a voice of reason, approachable, creative and knowledgeable not just relating to the business but helping us to see a clearer path to where we want to be.

We are continuing to implement the strategies and targets that we have developed with Paul and continue to consult and discuss our progress.

Paul’s approach has always been relaxed, assured, flexible and totally professional. We would highly recommend Paul’s business coaching services.

Shaun Sutton

Air Projects Ltd

Many thanks to Shaun Sutton of Air Projects for your kind words.

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