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Leadership Coaching

Susie is the Director of Marketing and Fundraising for Leicester Charity Link, which is a fabulous charity in Leicester that provides much needed support to those least able to help themselves. She was keen to develop her all-round leadership skills in order to help Leicester Charity Link to continue to grow in, what are, quite challenging times for their service users.

Paul has a very honest, direct, practical approach to executive coaching. He is an extremely perceptive individual and can quickly identify areas that require support and encouragement. Clear objectives were set at the start of the coaching sessions, which were reviewed and discussed at each session. This provided a road map for the achievement of key leadership skills both on a personal and business level.

Paul also provided a trusted sounding board offering advice to issues that arose. I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Paul. I developed key leadership skills and habits and would recommend Paul to those who aspire to be a successful leader.

Susie McEniff

Leicester Charity Link

A huge thank you to Susie for her testimonial. Please take a look at her charity’s website and see if there are any ways you can support their invaluable work.

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