I have worked with and trained some fabulous people. Below are a series of videos and messages from some very kind people saying very nice things about my work! Thank you.

Many thanks to Brett Turner for producing this fabulous video.

Hear attendees give their feedback on last year’s public training courses on Leadership and on Project Management.

Working with Paul has given me the push I needed to take my business to the next level… Paul was patient, friendly and explained everything down to the last detail to make sure I fully understood what needed to change… If you would like to change something about your business but you’re not sure how, Paul is definitely the man to speak too.

Shaun Taylor

Idee Design

Paul provided an intensive one day consultancy session to the management committee, staff and service users with the object of agreeing a 3 year vision, strategy and action plan for the service. Paul’s approach was very refreshing, he established an easy rapport with us all and was quick to pick up on some of the key issues we chose to explore. He encouraged us to think broader than the immediate possibilities, consider a variety of options.

Anita Parmar

Trustee, Park Lodge Project

Paul is a strong project manager, who adapts quickly to new situations, keeps sight of the business goal and approaches problems with practical solutions.

Kathy Dite

Head of BPO Operations, Steria

Hemi Tanna of Bitex Homes talks about how I helped her when setting up her property management business.

Cliff Allum of Skillshare International explains how I helped Skillshare International create their 3-year strategy.

Shaun Taylor of Idee Design talks about how I helped him strengthen his business through my coaching sessions.

Paul is sensible, down to earth and has sound judgement – in addition to his wealth of professional skills and experience. I recommend that you give him a call as I’m confident that he could add some real value to your organisation or business.

Peter Davey

Chief Executive, The Bridge Housing Services

Paul has an exceptional way of making you focus on what is essential to your business, I have over the years became clouded by passion which is great but not when trying to drive a business forward. Paul bought me back to an understanding of why I and the business was there in the first place and built on from there. I have an increased confidence in myself and my ability to perform to the best of my ability.

Kelly Bugby

Creative Director, Saffron Arts

Paul is a very clever and practical consultant and is able to work at all levels of the business. He was able to work with multiple 3rd parties on a difficult and complex implementation and I would recommend him.

Trudie Udell

Principal Consultant, Steria

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