What do I

I focus on working with small to medium sized Leicestershire business and I focus on working with charities in the East Midlands.

I love working with fun people, I love doing great work and solving problems for my clients. So, if you have got this far, please check below for a list of the services I offer.

Creating the next new managers

Being a manager requires a load of new skills and it requires a different mindset.

If you want your new managers to be successful, make sure they get the training and support they need to develop.

Banish those Away Day Blues

If you have ever been stuck in a dull day-long workshop, then you will understand the need for proper planning and execution.

I provide facilitation for those of you who have Away Days or Strategy Setting workshops. I try to make them fun, invigorating and productive.

Working with your Board

The work that charities do to support the most vulnerable in society is truly amazing.

My Charity Health Check helps CEO’s and Boards assess how well their charity is operating and allows them to better help their beneficiaries.

Contact Me

My ideal clients are forward thinking, open-minded and in need of something different to help them grow. If this sounds like you then please do get in touch¬†and let’s see how we can work together.