Betty Brown Boutique

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Betty Brown Boutique is the creation of Sukhina, who has worked hard to establish her own dress shop in fashionable Allandale Road. We met in 2017 and she asked for some help in determining her next steps.

When we met, Sukhina designed and made dresses for her shop, bought in dresses from other brands, ran the shop and created one-off commissions for people. This entailed a LOT of work. Although Sukhina is well-known in Leicester business circles and is a highly respected dress-maker, she was aware that she was working every hour possible and aware that she wanted to improve footfall in her shop.

As we spoke, Sukhina began to realise that she was spending a lot of time on activities that were not high value to her business. She began to streamline her shop to contain just her own creations and worked with a supplier who would turn her designs into dresses. We also discussed her life plans and this allowed Sukhina time to evaluate and make decisions about where she wanted to take her career.

Running a shop and making my own dresses takes up a lot time and I needed to find someone I could talk to about other areas of my business. I knew I had to do something to get more people through the door and just wanted to have someone tell me whether my ideas would work or not.

Paul has been really helpful. He has given me a lot of confidence, he has made me think about things differently. He gives me ideas and has helped me get a new focus and energy back.


Betty Brown Boutique

Many thanks to Sukhina of Betty Brown Boutique  your kind words.

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