Authentic management: Making time when times are challenging

A learning space for new and middle managers

What is this training programme about?

At the heart of the programme are three aspects. It is about

  • Being the best you can be as a manager
  • Continously learning and developing yourself and those around you
  • Reducing stress and worry in your work.

It is a programme of virtual, home-based learning for a small group of people from different contexts, countries and cultural backgrounds.

It features live webinars, group work and one-to-one coaching centred on the following three aspects:

  1. Your people, your team – managing the individuals, managing the team (dynamics and needs)
  2. Yourself – developing yourself to be an authentic and grounded manager/ leader
  3. Your organisation & context – situating your team and your work in a wider context and managing the demands and uncertainty around you

The programme will of course look at what it means to be managing yourself, team and in your organisation in the context of COVID19 and the challenges (and opportunities) this poses.

Who is it aimed at?

Our offer is deliberately aimed at new or middle managers. In our experience, this is a group of people is sometimes overlooked in terms of getting support when taking on staff management roles. Taking on supervisory roles is a challenging task and it takes time to learn, make sense and develop one‘s own skills and behaviours.

We encourage managers from different organisations, different kind of functions, backgrounds and or locations.
It doesn’t matter what size of team or your experience you have had. Whether you have only recently started managing one or two people or whether you are managing much bigger teams for far longer but have not had any formal management training, please join.

What are we asking for / looking for?

Nothing more than a deep commitment to share and learn, be honest and reflective, and stay with it for the duration. We have no silver bullets, no intention to solve all your management issues and challenges by throwing tools at you… This is a journey of joint learning, reflecting and giving you the confidence (and some tools) to deal with the day-to-day as much as the unexpected.

When and how long will it take?

This is a 4 week taster programme. It will take up approximately 2-3 hours of your time each week. The content will be tailored to participants priorities.

I am interested, what next?

Please click here to email Astrid or click here to email Paul for more details or if you have any questions.

Or directly send us your expression of interest including your name, job title, the charity you work for, how long you have been in your current role and what is motivating you do join us on this programme.

Looking forward to hearing form you.