I had a lovely e-mail from Aireen at Tenfold the other day. She mention a post from a couple of years ago about Emotional Intelligence and Leadership. She asked if I could share a post from their website that talked about how useful Emotional Intelligence can be for sales people

“A study by Gallup consultants Tony Rutigliano and Benson Smith claims that customer satisfaction and loyalty depend on their emotional connection with the salesperson. They say that a customer is 12 times more likely to remain loyal if they like the salesperson.”

It is a great point. In fact, I would say that being emotionally intelligent isn’t just about being a great leader or a great salesperson, it is also about being a good person. Understanding yourself, managing how you react and come across to others, learning about how other people work and learning to influence are all great life skills.

So, whether you are a salesperson, receptionist, director or delivery person, being more emotionally intelligent can help you be more effective in your work. This is why my training uses emotional intelligence as its basis as you can see if you click here.

So, thank you, Aireen for the e-mail and for making me consider EQ in a wider context. Click the links above to read Tenfold’s post and let me know what you think.