As a micro-business, I have to market myself in lots of ways. One of the ways is through networking or through developing alliances. However, a lot of the people I talk to find it difficult to know how to introduce me or what to look out for.

Spotting the signs

Admitting that you are not the world’s best manager or that your management team need some help is a bit like standing up and admitting that you are not a very good driver. It is very hard to admit it. In many cases, people have no idea of whether they have the right management behaviours in the business or not. There are signs that all might not be well:

  1. Do you lose staff on a regular basis? It isn’t a good business model to have people leaving on a regular basis. It costs money to recruit, to train and to bring them up to full productivity. Plus the turn-over of staff is quite destabilising in the workforce and can inhibit productivity. That means the rest of your team may not work as well because of the disruption.
  2. Do you get a lot of sickness? Happy people are more resilient to illness. Plus, happy people don’t throw sickies. Happy people work more productively. And a leader has a direct impact on the happiness of their staff.
  3. Do you believe their team could work harder? People do not work harder by pushing them harder. People work harder when they are inspired, motivated and encouraged. Because only then will they create new ideas, solve problems or gel as a team. 

What to do if you notice these symptoms?

Those are the indicators that I tell people to look out for in other businesses. So if you know of people who have those problems, it may be worth introducing me. I am always happy to chat to people and I believe in rewarding people who refer me to new clients. Please Contact Me using the site.