Project Management

Why do you need trained Project Managers?

Some surprising project statistics:

  • One out of six IT projects has an average cost overrun of 200% and a schedule overrun of 70%.
  • By their nature, projects are complex and difficult and require a lot of skill to manage them successfully.
  • 90% of organisations that consistently deliver projects successfully use a structured methodology.

Project Management requires a specific set of skills, such as planning, managing risks, managing stakeholders and building effective teams.

Drawing on years of experiences as a successful project manager, I design and deliver training for project managers and provide consultancy in how to set up a project management methodology that fits your organisation’s needs.

Programme Structure

As with my other training programmes, I recommend splitting training delivery into a series of workshops spread over a few weeks to allow for the attendees to practice their new skills in the workplace and reflect on in the next session. The programmes work best when they are delivered as a package as follows:


  1. Workshops – These are half-day workshops that combine a mixture of discussion, reflection and learning that allows the delegates to understand the concepts in a more in depth manner.
  2. On-the-job training – Delegates will be expected to implement the lessons in their work-life between workshops and share their experiences. Working with the managers of the delegates, we agree a set of objectives/tasks for each month so that the delegates can really practice their new skills.

Programme Content

The main subjects covered in this programme are:

  • Understanding the importance of structures project management
  • Project Planning – including critical success factors, work breakdown structures and creating a GANTT chart
  • Understanding Project Risks – risk identification, risk measurement, mitigation strategies
  • Influencing Stakeholders – including identifying and mapping stakeholders, creating targeted communications plans
  • Creating effective project teams – Belbin’s team roles, Tuckman’s team model

Programme Packages

Any Project Management Development Programme has to be tailored to link in with the client’s own project management approach.

Delivery can be either a full day course or a series of half day workshops. Costs are based on the number of workshops, for instance, a full day course for up to 12 attendees will cost from £750.

The price includes an initial consultation to understand what the client’s project management approach and what forms and templates the project managers are required to use.

Paul is a strong project manager, who adapts quickly to new situations, keeps sight of the business goal and approaches problems with practical solutions.  

Kathy Dite

Head of BPO Operations, Steria India

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