Future Leaders

Creating your organisation’s next leaders 

As managers progress, the expectation on them changes, senior managers want them to be more creative, more strategic and to take the lead on initiatives.

The skills required move from those of just managing people to inspiring and motivating them, to challenging how things re done and constantly looking to improve delivery.

This programme builds on Emotional Intelligence to create smart and agile leaders but also looks at marketplace trends, business strategy and process analysis. The aim is to help managers start to think more strategically and prepare them for more senior positions.

Programme Structure

I recommend delivering a series of workshops spread over a few weeks to allow for the attendees to practice their new skills in the workplace and reflect on in the next session. The programmes work best when they are delivered as a package as follows:


  1. Workshops – These are half-day workshops that combine a mixture of discussion, reflection and learning that allows the delegates to understand the concepts in a more in depth manner.
  2. On-the-job training – Delegates will be expected to implement the lessons in their work-life between workshops and share their experiences. Working with the managers of the delegates, we agree a set of objectives/tasks for each month so that the delegates can really practice their new skills.
  3. Coaching – For delegates looking to delve into their learning in more detail, coaching sessions will be available where we will discuss any challenges or concerns they may have to help them tackle their new skills with confidence.

Programme Content

The main subjects covered in this programme are:

  • Understanding the importance of Emotional Intelligence for Leaders
  • Leadership Styles – trends in leadership
  • Introduction to Business Strategy – market trends, internal and external factors
  • Developing High Performing Teams – team roles, coaching, process analysis
  • Influencing stakeholders – mapping stakeholders, analysing motives, influencing techniques 

Programme Packages

The Future LeadersDevelopment Programme can be tailored to the needs of the client. They can contain as many workshops as required and clients can choose to pick the coaching option or not.

For instance, a programme of 6 workshops plus 2 one-to-one coaching sessions for each delegate will start from £750 per person for a maximum of 8 people.

The price includes an initial consultation to understand what areas of focus that the client wishes to address and to agree some measurable objectives for the delegates to acheive.

I am so confident that these programmes work that, if, at the end of the programme, you are not satisfied, I am willing to recompense you for the full amount.

Hear attendees give their feedback on last year’s public training development programmes.
Excellence is an art won by training and habituation.

Aristotle was alluding to idea that we become excellent through habit. That principle underpins my Development Programmes. I believe that sitting in a classroom is only a small part of the learning process, that the true value comes from putting those lessons into practice.

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