Charity Health Check

The Mighty Creatives

Charity Health Check

The Mighty Creatives is a Leicester based arts charity.

In February 2020, I was invited to undertake an audit of their governance using my Charity Health Check.

The process started with me sending my questionnaire to the Chief Exec, Nick Owen. I asked that his senior leaders  complete it and send it back to me. In the background, I reviewed their Annual Report, financial statements and strategy documents. I then met with the Chair of the Board of Trustees, Felicity Woolf, Nick Owen and the Deputy Exec, Emily Bowman to discuss their answers.

My role is to provide a check and challenge to their answers and to allow them to explore different areas. All three were passionate, committed and determined to help TMC continue to grow. It was a really fabulous chat and all three came away with a deeper understanding of the direction they want the charity to take and the actions that need to happen.

 If you would like to undertake a similar review of your governance, please get in touch.

Our health check with Paul was a very helpful process for the chair and senior team. Paul’s questionnaire gave us a structure to discuss some of the big issues we don’t usually have time to consider at board meetings. He provided just the right amount of challenge to make us think about the direction we are taking and the different roles of senior managers, staff and the board.

Felicity Woolf

Chair of Board of Trustees, The Mighty Creatives

The Mighty Creatives

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