The Bridge

Creating a new leadership team at The Bridge

The Bridge is an award-winning housing advice charity based in Loughborough. They provide assistance, advice and support to those facing homelessness or dealing with housing issues. Over the past few years they have grown to deliver services across Leicestershire and Rutland. This has been accompanied with a growth in size which caused some organisational challenges. The growth put a lot of pressure on the senior leadership team and so The Bridge decided to develop some of their operational managers so that they could take on more responsibility.

The Chief Executive, Peter Davey, asked if I could deliver a programme for the operational managers to give them the skills and confidence to take on responsibility for the delivery of their individual teams.

I devised and delivered a series of 6 half day workshop that covered elements of leadership and management. This was supported by coaching sessions to allow the attendees to discuss particular areas that they wanted to improve upon and a set of work-based activities that gave the attendees the chance to practice the skills learnt in the workshops.

By the end of the workshops, the attendees had formed themselves into a confident and capable operational management team who were working together to solve problems.


Thank you so much for your support and helping me develop as an individual. You have helped me find my inner confidence when it comes to my work and work environment.


The course exceeded my expectations overall, particularly after feedback provided part way through the course was taken and more group/discussion work was added to the course. I feel that I now have a good understanding of different management styles, what it is to be a leader, and most of all, I have learnt more about myself and my natural management style.


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