Charnwood Borough Council

Project Management training for new Project Managers

Over the past 6 years, I have delivered one day Project Management training courses to managers at Charnwood Borough Council. The courses were designed to give managers a brief introduction into the main concepts of Project Management: project planning, project risk and stakeholder management.

In 2018, Charnwood re-designed their project management approach and asked me to deliver a series of workshops to a wide range of staff involved in managing projects. The aim was to explain the new approach and introduce the new templates. I revamped my course to explain the process and templates but allowing the delegates to choose a project and work on it throughout the day – giving them the chance to use the process on their real-life examples.

As they worked through their projects, they had to go through the process and complete templates. It made the day fit together and helped the attendees understand the new process in much more detail.

The course met my expectations very well. Clear process and I understand how this will be used in my role.

Good course (much better than a course about how to fill in all the different project doc types CBC use!) – more practical

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