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Many of my clients have been charities or voluntary groups. They trust my insight, my experience and my understanding of the constraints and challenges of running a not-for-profit organisation.

They value my experiences of working with charities, local authorities and in the private sector, because they know I will draw on all those experiences to deliver the support you need. Take a look at my Case Study with Leicester Charity Link for a great example of help.


Strategic Planning

After losing one of its major funding streams, Skillshare International was faced with an uncertain future. It was faced with having to dramatically downsize and faced with seeking new areas of funding to support its fabulous work.

I was asked by the Chief Executive to review its current strategy and help devise a new one. There were a couple of constraints, there was no money and many of the staff groups worked across Africa and India.

In order to get as much involvement as possible, I devised a questionnaire and encouraged the “in-country” teams to hold workshops to discuss the questions I asked. The result was a wonderfully rich set of input from across the globe that went a long way to helping shape the vision and values for the organisation going forward.

Paul’s offer of help came at a crucial time in the life of Skillshare International. His approach was refreshingly open and supportive, yet honest. His willingness to roll up his own sleeves to get things done was a great help, but the fact that he could provide an external view that is not obscured by the daily grind or internal politics meant I could use him as a sounding board for my plans and allowed me to develop and execute my plans a lot quicker.


What do you do when you are faced with falling membership? How do you arrest that slide and re-energise yourself when you are a voluntary group? That was the scenario presented by one client.

They asked me to facilitate a strategic away day with the remit of energising the senior team and creating plans to address the falling numbers. As with any voluntary group, passion was not in short supply, but sometimes passion can lead to disharmony.

Working closely with members of the Board, I devised and ran a workshop for members representing the whole organisation. During the workshop, I helped them re-connect with the reasons why they got involved, I helped them celebrate their successes and I turned their minds to the tactics that would address the falling membership.

By the end of the day, they had pulled together a clear strategy and ad developed a 30-60-90 day plan that each attendee could sign up to and take back to their own areas.

What I found very fulfilling was the number of comments I received from attendees who said they had never been at such an inspiring, energising and FUN workshop.

Executive Coaching

Kellie was at a crossroads: her charity was struggling for finances, she was struggling to gain support and she felt under-valued.

I worked with Kellie over a number of months, working first on her own confidence and helping her realise how much she was appreciated and what a fabulous job she was doing. We then moved on to look at her charity and I helped her identify ways to make the charity work in a more structured way, a way that would attract more funding.

Paul has an exceptional way of making you focus on what is essential to your business, I have over the years became clouded by passion which is great but not when trying to drive a business forward. Paul bought me back to an understanding of why I and the business was there in the first place and built on from there.

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