If you are passionate about what you do, fun, creative and open-minded…

…then we might well be a great match. What is important to me, is finding the RIGHT client.

Business Solutions

Helping you develop your future leaders

As the head of Learning and Development, your job is to ensure your staff have the skills and knowledge required to move the business forward. That is the expectation set on you by the senior management team.

So, what’s stopping you? OK, it is fine for technical skills, but what about leadership skills? It is easy to fight for investment to train operational staff, but what about training your managers to become better leaders? It may be that although business owners say they value good behaviours in their business, they do not understand the costs involved and cannot see the financial business benefits.

However, studies show that replacing a member of staff who resigns can cost around £30,000. Yes, £30,000! Often senior managers think that replacing a member of staff is “just” the cost of the recruitment, however, there is also a measurable impact on productivity, the cost of management time to interview and select and train a new member of staff and the time taken for the new person to “get up to speed”. All that costs money.

I can help you design effective leadership development solutions that will deliver real results in terms of staff satisfaction and growth.

Third Sector Solutions

Giving you the support you need

You don’t need me to tell you how difficult it is to lead a charity – that constant striving for income from a seemingly decreasing pot and the increasing demand for your services. 

The vast majority of charities like yours exist on the breadline, working hard to eke out their money, struggling to match the needs of their beneficiaries and the expectations of their donors.

Underlying all that is the constant worry of whether you have the tools to do the job – the consequences of getting it wrong could be shattering to so many people. The truth of the matter is that you do have the tools and you have the passion to succeed. As a former trustee of 2 charities and having worked with a wide range of not-for-profit organisations, I have seen firsthand the stresses and strains on senior leaders within charities. I have worked with people like you to help them develop into well rounded leaders who inspire their teams and help their charities grow.

I am a trustee of a local charity, I have recently become a governor and I have worked with a local sports association in a voluntary capacity for a number of years. Many of my clients, since becoming self-employed, have been “Not for Profit” organisations. They trust my insight, my experience and my understanding of the constraints and challenges of running a not-for-profit organisation. 

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My ideal clients are forward thinking, open-minded and in need of something different to help them grow. If this sounds like you then please do get in touch and let’s see how we can work together.