Thanks to Helen Amery of Wild Figs Solutions for sending this to me. Last year, the Government realised that there is a problem with the quality of leadership within British industry and has funded a series of projects to begin the task of addressing the issue.

Even at the highest levels, it is now understood that “improving workplace productivity by implementing effective management and leadership practices should be recognised as the key route to increasing pay and prosperity in the UK”. Of particular concern were three sectors, “The manufacturing, construction and legal services sectors suffer particularly from skill deficiencies amongst managers”.

This is precisely why I focus on providing leadership and management training. The evidence shows that it is needed and the figures show that it not only saves money, but it provides a huge boost to productivity, innovation and revenue.

Even if you don’t use me, use someone. Find out what is working and what is not not working in your organisation … and invest in the leadership capabilities of your management team.


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