TrainingEver thought like that? Training? It’s a waste of time!

To be honest, a lot of it is.

Let’s think about it. You send someone on a training course for a day, and when they come back, they have 132 e-mails stacked up and a groaning in-tray of work. So they get straight back to doing what they were doing before.

I run seminars on how to be a great manager and one of the things I talk about is that changing practices or behaviour takes time .. a lot of time. If you think about how long it takes you to move from one version of Windows to another and how, even after a few months, you will find something where the option has moved. It takes time to be totally comfortable with a new practice.

Training is exactly that. It is equipping you with new skills or in new practices, so putting them into place takes a lot of time.1

So whenever you send someone on a training course, make sure there is a plan to put the new skills into place.

  • Before they go, make sure you both know what to expect from the course and plan work to use the new skills when they return.
  • When they return, have a  brief meeting to ask what they learnt and make sure they feel confident enough to use the news kills.
  • Meet up once a week for a few weeks to look at how the new practices are going and check on their confidence and effectiveness.

If that all sounds like a lot of hard work, consider this: Training, in these times of tight margins, is an investment, so make sure you don’t waste it!