Last night, I heard a talk from an excellent speaker, Simon Chaplin. Simon runs an accountancy firm called Greenstones Accounting but he is also passionate about a whole lot of things that really make his business different.

customer serviceOne of the main things he is passionate about is the customer experience and making sure it is as good as it can be ever time for his customers.

Now I won’t give away the tricks of the trade, for those I suggest you book Simon to speak at an event or go to one of his seminars, but he bases his techniques on a tried and tested approach to improving his customer service.

Simon has mapped out his processes for his whole business. For example, for producing your annual accounts, he has a process. And for each step in that process, he looks at the customer touch points. Customer touch points are where his business has a direct contact with his customer.

If I am honest, I was sitting there and thinking, so far so good, but this is what all businesses should be doing. The next step impressed me greatly.

Did Simon ask, “how can I make each customer touch point better for his customers?” No … he asked, “how can I make each customer touch point MEMORABLE?”.

So every time you are in contact with Greenstones, they will try to stand out from the crowd and make that contact point useful, simple and memorable.

So my question to you is: how can you make sure that each and every time your customers are in contact with you, they come away from the experience feeling thrilled?