A nice quick question for you: Who are the most important people to your business?

Are we going to go for CEO? Sales Team? Customer Service Team? Shareholders? Customers?

If you chose anything other than “customers”, we need to have a serious talk about why you are in business. If everything you do is not designed to make your customers happy, then we definitely need to talk.

Without customers, your business would not exist, so they are your reason for being. Your reason for being is not the very clever new product you have created, or the checklist you have to fill out, or the reward bonus you will get for hitting your targets.

I’ll give you a couple of examples:

I went to the Post Office the other day, it was empty except for me and two ladies working behind their counters. For two minutes, I stood there while they both kept their heads down and finished whatever it was they were doing. Not a single look up, not a smile, not a single “sorry, I’ll be with you in a while”. It might not seem a long time, but I did feel invisible for a short while.

There is an organisation that is offering courses. Courses that I want to take. But the courses run infrequently and in different locations. So, do I get e-mails letting me know when courses are running in my area? Or phone calls or texts? No, I have to go to their website and dig through to the right page periodically to find if there is a course on near me.

Both of those are two very small examples of how not to treat a customer. If you do not greet a customer with courtesy, provide them with the information they need or find out how to help them more, you will lose those customers. If you lose customers, you will go out of business.

Both of these two organisations are in positions where they are not operating in a highly competitive environment, but both are facing real dangers. If they don’t improve their customer service, they might find the world starts to pass them by.

Who are the most important people to your business? Your customers. If you are not focussed on delivering what your customers need, give me a call and let’s find out why not.