“This Week” is one of my favourite TV shows. I like its slightly creepy cosiness and the fact that it talks about politics in a grown up way. Last week, they talked about the importance of setting objectives and goals.

After Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement, the panel were comparing running a cabinet to running a football club.  I was astonished to hear both Michael Portillo and Alan Johnson say that, when they were given cabinet jobs, no-one set out any objectives or explained what was expected of them.  Michael Portillo even said that it was a most amateurish way to organise things.

I have managed many teams and one thing I always make clear to those people in my team is what it is I expect of them. They have clear job descriptions and very clear objectives. How else can they be expected to give of their best? How else can they work for their own and the collective success?

Looking at the current cabinet, there seems to be discord, poorly thought out ideas, poorly planned initiatives, clashing priorities. If they operate in the sort of amateurish way Mr Portillo describes, how can they get anything done?

The best organisations work by have a clear vision of what they are about, clearly communicated business objectives and goals and an environment of trust and co-operation.

Setting business objectives and goals that are clear and well communicated is part of good leadership.  Please don’t let your business be run as amateurishly as the cabinet runs the government. If you need help creating the vision and goals, then call me, I’d be delighted to help you create that clarity within your business.